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How to Correctly Say 51 Commonly Mispronounced Names in Fashion

We’ve heard them all: designer names, pronounced in every way imaginable. Obviously, there’s only one correct way to say them; obviously, we’re going to share that with you. We sat down and compiled a list of the most commonly mispronounced names in fashion.

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We considered those that some don’t even bother trying to say out loud, like Nicolas Ghesquiere (NEE-koh-la GEHS-kyair), recognizable names that tend to elicit angry pronunciation matches, like Proenza Schouler (pro-EHN-zah SKOOL-er), and the ones that are downright confusing, like Spanish label Loewe (LOH-eh-vay).

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After intensively researching names and sounding them out, plus additional rounds of editing, fact-checking, and finessing, we present you with a phonetics guide to help you accurately pronounce each one. From Altuzarra (ahl-too-ZAH-rah) to Vetements (vet-MAHN), click through for a lesson in fashion linguisitcs with our comprehensive guide. 

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