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A Binge-Watching Guide for When You’re Single and Loving It

If you’re flying solo on this Valentine’s Day, let this be the year you celebrate singledom, because there are so many great things to be said for being in a relationship with the most important person in your life: yourself.

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Not to sound all wide-eyed, but your single years can be some of the best you’ll have. Time alone can be well spent focusing on your career, building meaningful relationships with your friends, or traveling the world. And hey, without a significant other to spend your money on, you can treat yourself to that pair of shoes (or three) that you’ve had your eye on.

While most romantic films are mushy and lovey-dovey and the last thing you want to put yourself through on Valentine’s Day (no matter how many glasses of wine you’ve had), there are some rom-coms that truly make you appreciate being by yourself. We’ve rounded up a pretty solid list of movies that celebrate the single life, so if you’re spending this Valentine’s Day sans significant other, we promise these movies will make you value your alone time.

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