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Denim Décor for Your Home That’s Anything But Tacky

When it comes to all-American fashion, there’s nothing more iconic than denim. It’s the centerpiece of so many memorable outfits, from James Dean’s classic jacket to Britney and Justin’s legendary matching ensembles. And somehow, decade after decade, it’s always on-trend. This month, we’re talking all things denim, and while that means tons of awesome clothing, we’d hate to ignore the amazing ways designers and brands are taking denim into the home space.

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Because denim is made of ultra-wearable cotton, it’s basically the perfect upholstery fabric. Plus, the cool-girl vibe that comes with anything chambray, dark-wash, or faded makes it just right for room accessories and accent pieces. Here, nine ways to work denim into every room in your home, even the bathroom.

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