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Brie Larson Is Just Not That Into Being a Celebrity

Brie Larson got candid with The Sydney Morning Herald on Friday, as she opened up about being hard on herself and how she finds her celebrity status “challenging.” “It’s just the fact that people care what I have to say,” Larson revealed. “I’m just a person, you know. I don’t know any more than anybody else, so I struggle with that. I struggle with the idea of being an icon to people. I hope people always remember that I’m super-duper flawed.”

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The actress attributes her self-criticism as a part of being “obsessed with searching for the truth.” It’s a quest that can become exhausting. While on the promotional trail for her breakout film Room, Larson says she found struggling to deal with the pressures of fame. As she told Vanity Fair, her pals Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence were there to raise her spirits and keep her afloat as she navigated her newfound celebrity. The actress was even in a group chat with Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer that she says, “saved her life.” However, Larson remains adamant about enjoying her craft despite her inner conflict about being in the spotlight.

“I don’t like the celebrity side,” she says. “But I think that that’s o.k … I think there’s a lot of opportunity and a lot of good that comes with it and so I find a way to make my own meaning,” she continues. I want to create more opportunities for different people to tell their stories, so the fact that I’m now in this position where I can direct or produce, or I can help create more opportunities for others, that makes it all worth it. There are downsides but I wouldn’t trade it for anything different.”

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Lawson has since seemed to better adjust to being a celebrity by bringing her own quirky charm to her Instagrams and to interviews on the red carpet. She is also bringing her quirk to her craft and directing her first feature film Unicorn Store which also features Samuel L. Jackson, Joan Cusack and Bradley Whitford.

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