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How to Wear Flare Jeans Like a Retro Icon

One classic style, two looks: We’re giving you a quick 101 on how to wear this denim staple, but of course we can’t do it without pulling inspiration from iconic babes Farrah Fawcett and Jane Birkin (that would just be wrong).

VIDEO: How to Create the Perfect Frayed Hem on Your Jeans

So whether you’re a gym-class hero like Fawcett–sporty girl vibes and all–or a boho fox with that je ne sais quoi ? la Birkin, here’s how to style flare jeans like a true fashion icon.

8 Chic Feminist T-Shirts to Wear Now and Forever

How many shirts in your closet support a good cause? If the answer is none, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. One of our favorite denim brands, Amo, has launched its new “Babes Unite” T-shirt. Not only does it scream girl power but it supports Planned Parenthood with every purchase. Twenty percent of the proceeds from this shirt will be donated to the organization, and as Amo says, “It’s a reminder that we are stronger together!” We definitely agree.

VIDEO: 9 Male Celebrities Who Are Proud Feminists

Scroll down for a roundup of more feminist T-shirts that we hope will empower and inspire you.

The 9 Best Detanglers for Summer Hair

Unfortunately, the pain that comes with vigorously brushing through a head full of tangles doesn’t end with your childhood years, when you’d burst into tears at mom’s attempts to detangle your locks. Whether you have naturally curly hair or just tangles from a swim in the pool, separating a head full of knots is no easy feat. That’s why below, we’ve gathered some of the best detangling formulas to combat summer hair disasters. Consider them grown-up takes on the products like walmart.com and walgreens.com that you remember so well. Say goodbye to all the frustration and tears, and hello to a smooth, hydrated strands all summer long.

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J.Lo Cements Her Reign as Queen of the Naked Dress in 2 Hot Looks

If there’s one thing we know about Jennifer Lopez, it’s that she doesn’t do subdued. Why stop at one sexy naked dress when two can really hammer the message home? That’s exactly what she did Thursday night in Florida at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Awards, stealing the show in not one, but two, revealing looks.

The 47-year-old singer dropped jaws when she first hit the carpet in a black Julien Macdonald dress that left little to the imagination: between the cutouts, the plunging neckline, and the slit up to there, we were rendered speechless.

But then!

J.Lo did a quick-change a bit later into the evening, emerging once more to perform her new Spanish-language single, “Mirate,” in another Julien Macdonald number, a metallic version of the first. Signature nude lip and sleek pony, included. The mother-of-two also scooped up two awards: one for social artist of the year and Telemundo Star Award.

“Moments like these are proof of hard work and we are lucky if life blesses us in this way,” she started. “I love you so much. I feel blessed to be part of this creative world and to be able to represent our Latin community. I feel at home. I am humbled to be here in your presence and accept this award.”

VIDEO: 10 Times Jennifer Lopez Sparkled on the Red Carpet

J.Lo’s talent and confidence, coupled with her humility, truly makes her a force. A-Rod, you’re one lucky man! Scroll through for a closer look at her sizzling dresses from last night.

Here’s Exactly Where Bella Hadid Gets Her Favorite Hoop Earrings

Bella Hadid is definitely one of our favorite street style stars. Have you seen some of her off-duty outfits? She’s always wearing the coolest shoes and carrying the most-coveted handbags. Even her earring collection is out of this world, especially her hoops.

Those round accessories are one of Hadid’s go-to accessories. Just scroll down her Instagram page, and you’ll see her constantly rocking hoop earrings. It doesn’t matter if she’s running errands or chilling on the beach. And we can see why she’s such a huge fan. Throwing on a pair of gold hoops is definitely an easy way to pull together just about any look, especially now that all of our favorite ’90s trends are back and better than ever.

VIDEO: 10 Times Bella Hadid Rocked the Runway

Follow Hadid’s lead and add a little bit of bling to your look this season. Ahead, you’ll find some of model’s best hoop-earring moments, plus where to get the same exact pair.

5 Casual Friday Jeans for Under $100

Hooray for casual Friday—a day when everyone is stoked because it means the weekend is almost here! Slip into your favorite jeans, sneakers, office-appropriate top and glide out your door with a big, fresh cup of coffee. While most employers are super-accepting of denim these days, there is always a more relaxed atmosphere on a Friday. And you don’t even need to break the bank for your denim. We’ve found five great options for under $100!

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Patrick Swayze’s Dirty Dancing jacket fetches $62,500

Patrick Swayze’s Dirty Dancing jacket fetches $62,500

Leather jacket Patrick Swayze wore in 1987's Dirty Dancing filmImage copyright

Image caption

The leather jacket was bought on Friday by a Hollywood memorabilia collector

A leather jacket that the late US actor Patrick Swayze wore in Dirty Dancing has sold for $62,500 (£48,270) at an auction in Los Angeles.

Hundreds of other items belonging to Swayze – including a surfboard from Point Break and a shirt he wore in Ghost – also went under the hammer.

His widow Lisa Niemi said she had “a lot of mixed feelings” about selling the items.

Swayze died in 2009 from pancreatic cancer. He was 57.

The leather jacket was bought on Friday by a Hollywood memorabilia collector, who only identified himself as Glenn.

Image copyright
Getty Images

Image caption

Patrick Swayze received three Golden Globe Award nominations during his acting career

Speaking about the sale, Niemi told the Press Association: “No matter what, it’s still a letting go. There’s always a little bit of loss associated with that.

“While it’s a very positive thing to do, it’s a difficult thing to do.

“I’m such a lucky woman to have had a man who loved me as much as Patrick did.”

The auction went ahead despite strong opposition from Swayze’s niece.

“These were family heirlooms,” Danielle Swayze told the Press Association.

“It’s a slap in the face that she’s selling these precious memories,” she added.

Entertainment news round-up: 23 – 28 April

Entertainment news round-up: 23 – 28 April

Madonna got justifiably – and unjustifiably – angry over claims made in a film script; Friends star Matt LeBlanc may prove to be the saviour of a British TV brand; the sad passing of Silence of the Lambs director Jonathan Demme – and much more…

Here’s a round-up of some things you might have missed in the world of entertainment news this week:

Image copyright
Pascal Le Segretain

Image caption

Madonna called out a copy of a screenplay about her early career as “all lies”. We took a look at Blonde Ambition and separated the fact from fiction.

Image caption

Has Matt LeBlanc saved Top Gear? That’s what fans and critics have been asking at the conclusion of the latest series.

Image copyright

Image caption

If you’re going spend money on a Darth Vader mask it may as well be gold. If you have over £1m to spend, of course.

Image copyright

Image caption

Russell Tovey on landing his dream role in the National Theatre’s revival in London of Tony Kushner’s 1990s play Angels in America. He says the gay drama was part of his life long before he signed up to star in it

Image caption

Dame Judi Dench says she loves Tracy Ullman’s comedy sketches that show her using her fame to get away with shoplifting and other petty crime.

Image copyright

Image caption

Zoe Saldana may, or may not, have let slip the name of the new Avengers movie.

Image copyright

Image caption

Elton John thanked his medical team after he suffered a “potentially deadly” bacterial infection during a tour, forcing him to spend two nights in intensive care and cancel concerts in the US.

Image copyright

Image caption

Jonathan Demme, the Oscar-winning director of The Silence of the Lambs, died in New York aged 73. He was also known for Philadelphia, Something Wild and the Talking Heads documentary Stop Making Sense.

Image caption

BBC presenter Diane Louise Jordan has had “a tough three years” trying to clear her name after being wrongly accused of harassment.

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‘Did you enjoy being pregnant?’ – Bananarama revisit old Smash Hits questions

‘Did you enjoy being pregnant?’ – Bananarama revisit old Smash Hits questions

Bananarama and some of their 1980s magazine covers

Image caption

Back together after 29 years: (L-R) Keren Woodward, Sara Dallin and Siobhan Fahey

What’s your favourite time of day? Have you ever worn odd socks? Why are you dressed as the devil?

Pop magazines took a very different approach to interviews in the 1980s and, as the decade’s biggest girl band, Bananarama found themselves fielding all of the above questions and more.

Smash Hits, Look-In and Number 1 devoted dozens of pages to the trio, many of which dwelt on the fact they lived together on the 11th floor of a block of flats in Holborn.

“It always looked better in the photos than it did in real life,” laughs Keren Woodward, now 56 and living in more comfortable circumstances in Cornwall.

“It was a dive,” recalls her bandmate and childhood friend Sara Dallin.

“You’re not house-proud when you’re young. But now I’d be like, ‘Take your shoes off!'”

Still, those irreverent, Python-esque profiles were often more revealing than the now-standard “tell me about your co-writers” pop interview.

So, to celebrate the reunion of Bananarama’s original line-up – and their first ever tour – we scoured the back issues and put a bunch [get it? – puns ed] of old questions to Sara, Keren and Siobhan to see how their answers have changed.

“Are these Neil Tennant’s questions?” asks Sara before we start.

“He always reminds us he interviewed us once, but I don’t remember it.”

When you were 12, what did you want to be? (Smash Hits, 1983)

Image caption

“Back then, every magazine wanted their own photos,” recalls Sara

Keren: A lot of my family were teachers, so that’s what I always thought I’d end up being. I think I’d have been quite strict – strict but fair – and, I like to think, hugely engaging.

Siobhan: I think I wanted to be [60s pop star] Melanie.

Back in 1983, Siobhan said she would like to be an “air hostess”, while Keren and Sara both talked about becoming “David Essex’s wife”.

Sara: Oh God, I’m sure I never would have said that. Aged 12? Not at 12.

Keren [to Siobhan]: Oh yes, you went for a job as an air hostess. We took your picture, standing on a pouffe.

Sara: In your mother’s skirt, trying to look elegant.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

Media playback is unsupported on your device
Media captionThe band give Chris Evans the lowdown on their big comeback

Sara: Did I say, ‘Dolphin’? No? For God’s sake. Dog? Lion? Pheasant?

Siobhan: I was going to say elephant because I love them so, but they get butchered, don’t they?

Keren: I would have said dog.

The original answers were actually dog (Siobhan), tiger (Sara) and horse (Keren).

Sara: But you hate horses.

Keren: I didn’t know that at the time! I hadn’t been thrown off one yet.

Did you enjoy being pregnant? (Number 1, 1987)

Image caption

Bananarama sold more than 40 million records worldwide making then, at the time, the world’s most-successful girl band

Keren: I absolutely loathed it.

Siobhan: I loved it. Whatever hormones kicked in, I got really happy.

Keren: I just felt very young and unprepared. I didn’t know anyone who’d been pregnant, and I didn’t know anyone who’d had a baby. Because everyone around me didn’t really get it, I just kept on as though nothing was happening, even though I was slightly scared and throwing up everywhere. Sara would say, ‘For God’s sake, you’re only pregnant, come out.’

Speaking in 1987, Keren said the only benefit of pregnancy was being sober, which had meant “I was handy for a lift now and then”. She recently revealed that having children had stopped Bananarama’s original line-up going on tour.

Keren: We were so desperate to get on stage. And, in a way, maybe it was good we didn’t, because we didn’t have the right people around us. We were just doing it ourselves.

Sara: If you look at the early performances, we look incredibly shy. We’d come straight from school, and then we were on Top of the Pops. We had absolutely no clue at all.

Siobhan: I think that was all part of the charm.

Sara: Even when we went on tour in [19]89 [with Siobhan’s replacement, Jacquie O’Sullivan], I couldn’t say we were hugely confident about what we were doing.

Keren: I mean, the only experience we had of being on stage was getting up, putting on a cassette and singing over the top.

Sara: But it’s like any job. If you work in a bank or an office, you’d be shy when you arrived, and then you’d learn and then you’d be fine. It’s just taken us 30 years.

Sara, did you enjoy covering naked men with your bat wings? (Smash Hits, 1986)

Image copyright
Rhino Records

Image caption

The video for Venus saw the band dressing up as goddesses and devils from history

Sara: That’s about the Venus video. The costume was so uncomfortable. It was a really tight corset with two poles running down the side of my arms, and a black wig. It was not an erotic experience, I’m afraid.

Siobhan: That was the first time we really went for an extravaganza in the costume department; obviously triggered by the lyrics of the song. And I think that’s where we discovered our enjoyment of camp.

The video accompanied Venus, the first song the band produced with Mike Stock, Matt Aitken, and Pete Waterman’s “hit factory”, which also churned out hits for Kylie, Jason and Sinitta.

Keren: When it got really pop and quite camp, that was when Siobhan started to get disillusioned. But for me, personally, it just felt like I’d come alive. I enjoyed that period so much because it was just out-and-out pop. I’d just given up trying to explain we weren’t dimwits and that we were serious artists. So it was just like letting go, and I embraced the whole pop thing and I absolutely loved it.

Siobhan: Making [the album] Wow! with Waterman, Stock and Aitken, they had a very much production-line approach. I felt there wasn’t much room for musical experimentation with them, because they had their sound, and that was frustrating for me.

Sara: We always wrote with them. They would have preferred to write everything, but we wouldn’t let them.

Siobhan: But I have to say, in hindsight, Wow! is the album that hangs together the best.

When did you first realise you were famous? (Smash Hits, 1983)

Image copyright
Rex / Shutterstock

Image caption

The band’s hits included Venus, Love In The First Degree and Really Saying Something

Keren: In Los Angeles, when Mike Tyson sang Cruel Summer.

Sara: We were walking back from breakfast to our hotel, where he was also staying. He was sitting in a limo, and he saw us and started singing Cruel Summer. We were just gobsmacked.

Keren: And he was world champ at the time. He was just the last person on Earth you’d expect to sing a Bananarama song. And you think, well, your reach must have got quite far with that sort of thing.

Siobhan’s original answer was that she didn’t feel famous, “apart from when you’re recognised on buses”.

Siobhan: I remember our first trip to Santa Monica, this girl got really excited when she saw us, and she came running up to me and shouted, ‘Oh my God, aren’t you the girl from Dexy’s Midnight Runners?’ And I was like, ‘No, that’s my sister.’ [Maire Fahey starred in the video for Dexy’s hit single Come On Eileen].

Don’t you get on each other’s nerves a lot? (Number 1, 1986)

Image copyright
Rex / Shutterstock

Image caption

The original line-up split shortly after this performance at the 1988 Brit Awards

Keren: Now? No.

Siobhan: It’s been hilarious. We haven’t stopped laughing.

Keren: It’s back to the good old days before they turned… stale.

Sara: Stale – that’s a much better word than sour.

In 1986, Siobhan said: “It’s very hard working together and being mates sometimes, but no matter how hard it gets, you sort of understand each other.” She quit the band two years later, and the friends didn’t speak for almost a decade.

Will Bananarama ever make a feature film? (Number 1, 1984)

Image caption

The band were regular guests on Top of the Pops and, here, Kenny Everett’s Television Show

Sara: Obviously not.

Siobhan: I’m writing a script at the moment, in between Bananarama things. It’s a historical epic, set in Elizabethan times. But I don’t want to give too much away.

Keren fielded this question in 1984, saying: “If we did, it would have to be one of those cheap musicals.”

Keren: We always had plans, on and off. We were approached to do the story of Bananarama as a film.

Sara: The trouble with us was we never had management that consolidated our ideas, so it never got put together. I mean, the Spice Girls made a film, which was kind of what ours was going to be like, but we never got it together.

Siobhan: It would be a TV series now. Things have swung that way.

Keren: We could play the mums.

Is there life on other planets? (Smash Hits, 1986)

Image copyright

Image caption

They did record a song called Venus, after all…

Siobhan: Well, for sure. There’s got to be.

Sara: We haven’t discovered any, though. You’d think we would have discovered something by now. All we hear about is water here and gas there.

Maybe this is because, as Siobhan said in 1986, we’d be unable to see alien life forms “because they’re bound to have a totally different chemical make-up”.

Siobhan: Oh yeah, they’re right here in this room but on a different frequency.

Keren: And they are really excited about the Bananarama reunion. They are desperate for it.

What’s your favourite single you’ve released so far?

Image copyright

Image caption

The trio were the only singers to appear on both the first and second Band Aid singles

Sara: Cruel Summer, just because that was such an odd little pop song. It was our first hit in the States, which was unbelievably exciting.

Siobhan: I think we all have that as a favourite, because it just sounds like nothing before or afterwards, really.

Sara’s answer remains the same, but in 1986 Keren plumped for the band’s debut single, Aie-A-Mwana, while Siobhan preferred Really Saying Something for its “shrieky vocals”.

Sara: We’re going to set aside some time this year to get together and do some [new music] for the tour.

Keren: It would be a shame to not have something new. Will it live up to the past? Well if it doesn’t, we won’t release it.

Keren, how often do you wash your hair? (Number 1, 1984)

Image copyright
Rex / Shutterstock

Image caption

Take two bottles into the shower?

Sara: Every day. Every day, she washes her hair.

Keren: I’ve got greasy hair, what can I say? I never skip more than one day.

In 1984, Keren claimed the figure was “twice a week”, prompting general disbelief from her friends.

While walking along a deserted beach, you spy a couple making love. Do you stay and watch? (Smash Hits, 1986)

Image caption

Not in this climate, love

Siobhan: Ew.

Sara: I’d call the police.

Keren: I’d call all my friends over. I wouldn’t watch on my own. Take some photos.

Keren originally replied she’d “put some mirrored shades on” and watch while pretending to look the other way.

Sara: That’s a bit raunchy.

Siobhan: They were odd questions in those days.

What’s next for Bananarama? (Look-In, October 1987)

Image copyright
Getty Images

Image caption

Sara and Keren have kept the band going as a duo since 1992

Keren: I’m looking forward to doing the vocal arrangements for the tour. That’s my favourite bit. I’m hoping we can sing three-part harmonies on some of the songs, because we always used to sing in unison. It would be nice to do it in a more grown-up way.

Siobhan: The staging is all in the pipeline, but it’ll reflect our personality and “unique style” [everyone laughs].

Keren: I don’t want to be standing there with lasers going off. Our show will be about the camaraderie and the fun.

Speaking on the phone in 1987, Siobhan’s response to this question was simply: “I’m going to get out of this bath. The water’s gone horribly cold.”

The classic Bananarama line-up tours the UK for the first time this November. Tickets are on sale now.

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