Lex Stefano

Lex Stefano

Justin Trudeau Dons Firefighter’s Jacket Ignites Twitter Firestorm

The notoriously sexy Canadian Prime Minister went to visit some first responders in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan on Thursday morning.

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While his intentions were good, we fear Justin Trudeau’s visit may have sparked more flames than it put out. Somehow (thank you, Canadian fire station Gods), the political hottie ended up posing in a firefighter’s jacket, and yes, your inference was correct, it was TOO HOT TO HANDLE.

Seriously, Justin should know better than that. If this appearance doesn’t inspire a new religion or something, I’ll be shocked.

Oh, wait, it already has:

Unsurprisingly, everyone had a little something to say.

It inspired some to sing:

It inspired others to make some pretty obvious (but necessary) innuendos:

All of the pieces came together:

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Oh, Justin, the games you play …

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