Kanye West’s Jewelry Collection Boasts Kanye West-Level Prices

Are you leading the life of Pablo? Do you get angry when your croissants are not delivered in a timely fashion? Are you a god living in the body of an oft-frustrated rap star? Then boy, do we have the jewelry collection for you!

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Kanye West‘s latest collection of gilded Florentine-inspired pieces has officially hit the market–but it will cost you.

The Yeezy designer’s 12-piece line, which was made in collaboration with Jacob & Co.’s Jacob Arabo, boasts of $13,360 necklaces and $9,600 rings.

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Look familiar? Well, West’s line has benefitted from the greatest living advertisement, his wife, Kim Kardashian West. The reality star has sported several pieces from the collection over the past months–notably including her husband’s Yeezy season 4 show and the 2016 Video Music Awards.

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Scroll down below to shop items from the divine jewelry collection.

Date Night Outfits for the Tall Girl

Ladies, height is a wonderful attribute. Um, hello, do Cindy Crawford or Gisele B?ndchen ring a bell? For any of you out there feeling like you can’t find a great date night outfit because you have long legs and the very thought of wearing heels is scary, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Consider building your outfit around a flat shoe and pairing it with the perfect dress. Balance is key when putting together your date night look, so show off those long stems and embrace your height. It’s an attractive quality.

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15 Trips You Can Take with Your Tax Refund

The average tax refund is $3,120, according to the Internal Revenue Service. And while it may be most prudent to save that money or pay off debt, there are few better ways to make yourself happy than traveling.

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In a survey by Trip.com, 34 percent of respondents said they would pay bills with their refund, 31 percent said they would save most of it, and about 6.5 percent said they would take a trip. (About 20 percent said they would do a combination of the above.)

As for why people travel, 34 percent of respondents said relaxation is the number one reason.

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“More people responded that their motivation to travel was to relax,” Trip.com co-founder and CEO Travis Katz said in a statement, “which may reflect other reports that Americans are still feeling stressed about both the economy as well as post-election fatigue.”

After relaxation, the next most popular travel goals were exploration, to experience culture, and to visit friends and family.

With relaxation top of mind, it’s not so surprising that 35 percent of respondents said their ideal destination is a warm beach like Hawaii, and 24 percent said they preferred adventure or outdoor recreation. Europe was also a popular choice, at 12 percent, while 10 percent said they’d like to travel to a big city.

If you’ve got a refund coming your way and are more interested in spending it than saving it, here are a few trip ideas.

9 Things You Never Knew You Were Supposed to Clean

Even the most diligent cleaners sometimes skip over some pretty germy household spots. Here’s how to flush out the grime in a flash.

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This Trendy Shade of Pink Is Universally Flattering

Not quite pink, yet not quite a nude, mauve is just the right in-between shade to make lips, eyes, cheeks, and nails pop. But it’s still subtle enough not to distract from whatever you’re pairing it with.

COINAGE: The Crazy Cost of a Lifetime of Makeup

Here, some of our favorite products in our new favorite hue.

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28 Cheap Airlines Around the World

No one wants to overpay for flights. But with some airlines, you don’t have to hoard miles or wait for a flash sale to score cheap tickets. Low-cost carriers can save wallet-conscious travelers hundreds of dollars on airfare — if only you know where to find them.

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Cheap airlines are more prevalent than ever, even offering steeply discounted rates on international flights. And there are new carriers cropping up every day, offering competitive prices on popular routes and stripped-down tickets for no-frills travelers who don’t need much to stay comfortable on a flight.

Budget airlines utilize a number of strategies to cut costs and keep ticket prices low (sometimes, flights may be 50 percent cheaper than full-service competitors). Some, like Norwegian Air and WOW, operate newer, more fuel efficient aircraft. Others, including JetBlue and RyanAir, get discounts for placing bulk orders for aircraft. When airlines save on jet fuel or airplanes, they’re able to pass on those savings to travelers.

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Strategies for selling inexpensive tickets are sometimes more obvious. Spirit Airlines, for example, has slashed already meager baggage allowances, and charges for seat selection and in-flight refreshments, including water.

Bargain airfare can be found in virtually every country — and these are the airlines every traveler needs to know about for cheap airline tickets.

6 Stylish Picks for Your Kentucky Derby Party

The 143rd Kentucky Derby will take place on Saturday, May 6, 2017. In addition to classic Mint Juleps and Chocolate-Bourbon Pecan Pie, here are the essentials you need to throw a Derby bash without making the trip to Churchill Downs.

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How to Wear Khaki the Non-Nerd Way

Calling all Troop Beverly Hills fans, Phyllis Nefler’s khaki fashions are having a resurgence in 2017. Her character was the queen of khaki looks as troop leader in the 1989 film and we are taking dressing cues straight from the set. Khaki is so much more than your middle school uniform, it’s literally cool to wear now. If you want to take khaki in a more low key approach try shorts with a striped blouse and Grecian sandals. You can for sure push the fashion envelope and wear a khaki midi dress with sky-high pin-thin suede heels. Give khaki a go, you won’t regret it.

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7 Fragrances With a Larger Cult Following Than Soulcycle

There’s something to be said about a cult classic, particularly in the realm of fragrances. They’re the type of scents you recognize with just a passing whiff, and they stick with you for years, regardless of whether or not you actually owned a bottle. Cult fragrances are in a different category than the ones everyone and their big sister already wear. Think about it in terms of your favorite films—where the bottles of Flowerbomb, Chloe original, and D&G Light Blue can be equated to 10 Things I Hate About You or Clueless, these err more on the side of The Craft, Tank Girl, or The Rocky Horror Picture Show. They’re an acquired taste, sure, but the ones who love them, love them hard. Here, we rounded up the 7 most-notable cult fragrances we’ve been obsessed with for years.

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9 Gadgets to Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Bringing tech into the bedroom can be more harmful than helpful. Glancing at your phone before hitting the sack may be distracting and, more important, the blue light its screen emits is known to make falling asleep more difficult.

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But that’s not true for all gadgets. These smart-home devices want to invade your bedroom with the aim of improving your slumber.