4 Beer and Food Pairings in Honor of National Beer Day

Today, on National Beer Day, we officially have another reason to be hyped about hops. In celebration, we tapped Brooklyn Brewery’s head of culinary programming, Chef Andrew Gerson, to suggest the best beer and bites pairings. From sours to stouts, the Italy-trained, Philly-born chef with more than 10 years of experience is no stranger to local food and fare pairings. He’s put together his favorites to bring out the best in each beer.

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And if you’re in N.Y.C. Apr. 21-22, check out Brooklyn Brewery’s MASH event featuring Gerson’s surprise bites, local food vendors, live music, art, games, and of course plenty of beer.

7 High Waisted Bikinis You’ll Want to Wear All Summer Long

As summer rapidly approaches we’re paying tribute to the “OG” of all things swim and surf related, Gidget. The ultimate surfer girl, Gidget rocked the high waisted bikini and really started a trend that is still to be cherished. There are so many upsides to this kind of swimsuit, and at the top of the list is its powerful ability to hide a part of your stomach you may be feeling self-conscious about. Consider going a little more risque on the top as the high-waist provides more coverage (usually) or get playful in a ruffle detailed bright red suit. No matter what we are sure you are going to look like a mega-babe by the pool, swimming in the ocean or just laying out with your girlfriends on a hot summer day.

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13 Stylish Siblings and How to Steal Their Looks

National Sibling Day is on April 10. And what better way to celebrate than by taking a look at some of the most stylish celebrity sisters? These chic relatives are always serving up a double dose of style inspiration. It doesn’t matter if they’re on the red carpet or running errands together. The best part: It’s really not hard to channel their looks. We’ve gathered some affordable options ahead to help you (and your siblings) score their celebrity outfits without breaking the bank.

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7 Green Acne Products That Actually Zap Zits 

Breakouts never happen when it’s convenient. A red, inflamed, soul-crushing pimple never fails to show up when you have a job interview or first date. While overmedicating seems like a good game plan, more often than not, applying too many different acne treatments leads to the zit just getting angier.

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That’s not to say you can’t accelerate healing your breakouts with the help of a few skincare products. Whether you want to embrace Earth Month, or clean up your medicine cabinet of harsh ingredients that irritate your skin just as well as they clear it, there are a number of green skincare brands with products that are just as effective at minimizing blemishes.

Here, we’ve rounded up seven gentle products that are packed with botanical ingredients to shrink pimples, unclog pores, and keep excess oil under control.

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Inside the Empowering and Inspiring 8th Annual DVF Awards

Thursday night’s 8th annual DVF Awards hosted at the United Nations headquarters in New York City brought in plenty of famous faces and fashion’s elite, but also recognized a group of women who work behind the scenes to make our world a better place to live.

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The five honorees of the night included Karlie Kloss, who won the Inspiration Award for providing women and girls with the opportunity to learn to code through Kode with Klossy, as well her work with FEED and the CFDA through Klossies cookies, and Jane Goodall, who received the Lifetime Leadership Award for revolutionizing the world in primatology and inspiring generations of scientists.

Louise Dube was awarded the People’s Voice Award through a popular vote, for her leadership of iCivics, a program founded by retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to restore civic education in US schools.

VIDEO: See How Your Favorite Stars Celebrated International Women’s Day


Baljeet Sandhu and Yoani Sanchez each received the International Award, Sandhu for her leadership of the Migrant & Refugee Children’s Legal Unit (MiCLU), a legal, policy, and education hub, and Sanchez for her creation of project 14ymedio, the first and only independent digital news outlet in Cuba that offers a view through the eyes of its people.

Andra Day kicked off the evening with an incredible performance of “Rise Up,” next moving on to speeches from presenters, including Tracee Ellis Ross, Kate Bosworth, and our very own Editor-In-Chief, Laura Brown. Diane von Furstenberg herself presented the Lifetime Leadership Award to Goodall, who had brought along her famous plush animal, Mr. H, a monkey she carries around the world with her. The stuffed animal was given to her by her friend Gary Haun and has visited more than 60 countries.

“We share a philosophy,” said Goodall in her acceptance speech. “We need to learn to live in peace and harmony with people from other countries, other religions, and other cultures.”

You, too, can do your part in giving back by visiting DVFAwards.com/donate. Scroll down below to see all the best looks from the night.

Break a Sweat in Workout Gear on a Budget 

Whether you’re an early riser or an after work spin class kind of girl, there is one thing we gym rats all have in common; working out makes us feel great. What doesn’t make us feel great is breaking our bank account for workout clothes, instead of breaking a sweat. From gym bags to bike shorts, and sneakers, there are so many options under $100 to choose from. So, next time you are shopping for that new yoga outfit you’ve needed, or something light and airy to jog around the summer nights in, keep in mind you can do this on a budget. Shop our picks below.

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13 Kick-Flare Jeans to Try 

It’s easy to revert to the same old skinny jean look day after day, but lets try something outside your comfort zone, shall we? Step out of the skinny jean bubble and into something just as comfortable: The kick-flare jean.

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The kick-flare jean is flattering on many body types, and can so easily be dressed up or down depending on your accessories and top of choice. Let loose and have a little fun, throw on a floral blouse and stilettos with an oh-so flattering pair from Attico or go grunge hip-hop in destroyed flares from Alexander Wang. We’ve sifted through the kick-flare world of jeans to bring you 13 pairs that can do you no wrong.

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Shop These 8 Swoon-Worthy Gucci Slippers

I can wear it with everything from jeans to a cute dress. I can wear to work but it is also super comfortable in the weekends without looking like I just rolled out of bed. I will wear it so many times! The price is totally justifiable. I waited a little while and still love it. After all it is a classic isn’t it? I could go on giving all possible excuses to justify this purchase but, the bottom line is: I am completely obsessed and cannot survive without it anymore. There, I said it.

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In my obsession I have researched all available styles and included here some of my favorites. In case you run out of excuses as well, choose yours.

The Coolest Denim Pieces to Buy at Forward’s Sale

Right now, Forward by Elyse Walker is having the sale to end all sales. The retailer always stocks our favorite designers (hey, Rag & Bone and MSGM), but now you can cop them for ridiculously low prices. “How low?” you ask. Well, you can score a pair of Givenchy jeans for 50 percent off of the original price, and that’s just the beginning. There’s even more luxury denim selections with just as amazing price tags–like the Saint Laurent patch skirt below that looks like a work of art. These are the type of deals that are extremely rare to find, but there’s no need to worry. We’ve gathered several cool denim finds from the sale so you don’t miss a thing.

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The Under-$10 Beauty Products to Save for Later on Amazon

Amazon is perfect for finding just about anything you can think of, from best-selling books to crazy outfits for your cat. It’s also our go-to for stocking up on beauty products. Think about it. You’re already ordering practically everything else you need from the website, so you might as well cop a few beauty must-haves, too—especially when you’re trying to spend a few extra bucks to earn free shipping.

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VIDEO: 8 Beauty Products That Sound More Like Desserts

Sometimes all you have to do is add a razor or a hairbrush to your cart. And if you’re a smart shopper, you’ll save some of the affordable items that aren’t urgently needed for later. Then the next time you’re short on reaching your free-shipping goals, you’ll know exactly what to grab.

Below you’ll find 10 beauty products that we keep on our saved lists—and they’re all under $10.