30 Gorgeous Dresses to Wear to Any Type of Wedding, on Any Budget

Wedding dress codes can be tricky–especially when trying to stay within a budget. These 30 beautiful dresses will allow you to be the best-dressed guest with absolutely no stress.

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6 Tricks for Lush, Long Lashes

Done right, lashes have the power to make your eyes come alive. No matter what your eyelashes are naturally like, you can enhance them without a lot of effort. Here, a crash course in making mascara (and a few other handy tools) your very best friend.

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Happy Birthday, Jaime King! See Her Sweetest Moments with BFF Taylor Swift

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Happy birthday, Jaime King! The Hart of Dixie star turns 38 today. With a successful modeling career under her belt and a long acting resume, the stunning star is focused on her latest role: mom.

King welcomed two-year-old James Knight back in 2013 with hubby Kyle Newman, and gave birth to Leo Thames in July 2015, but King isn’t the only one looking over her little one: Her BFF Taylor Swift is little Leo’s godmother.

From their first meeting back in 2014, this adorable duo has been ultra supportive. Between their awards show dates and their snuggle sessions with Leo, their every meeting is picture-perfect.

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Keep scrolling to see their sweetest BFF moments.

13 Times Birthday Girl Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Were the Most Loved-Up Couple Ever

Happy birthday, Gigi Hadid! The top model turns 22 years old today, and we’re celebrating in the same way that we bet she is: with the help of Zayn Malik. The high-power duo known as ZiGi first landed in our radar in 2015, but last year was when they really came into their own.

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Between stylish street style outings, fashion week appearances, and cozy selfies in bed, these two jet-setters know how to make the most of their time together. The self-proclaimed homebodies might be happiest cooking dinner in their PJs, but that doesn’t mean their red carpet appearances aren’t fire. With just one look at the 2016 Met Gala red carpet (above), we rest our case.

VIDEO: Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s Cutest Couple Moments

In honor of Hadid’s big day, join us in counting down her hottest moments with her other half. If this doesn’t count as #Goals, well then, we’ve definitely been using that hashtag wrong.

33 Brilliant Ways to Actually Use Your Travel Photos

If you travel and own a camera or smartphone, it’s safe to say you return home from vacation with hundreds of snapshots. Or thousands. Some destinations are just really, really ridiculously good-looking.

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As for the fate of these travel photos? You’ll probably continue to Instagram them for the next couple of days while you can still get away with pretending your trip isn’t over. Maybe you’ll set aside a few for #tbt posts on particularly dreary future Thursdays. Maybe, if you have a penchant for evoking envy in friends and acquaintances, you’ll make a Facebook album, too.

But after that, all of those precious pixelated moments from family vacations, weekend getaways, and epic adventures will sit, forgotten, in a digital folder or on a hard drive. No longer.

When it comes to travel photo projects, the Internet is full of smart ideas — like paper lanterns or a photo-wrapped pencil set — and these kinds of things are lovely for when you’re feeling (very, very ambitiously) inspired. For the knowingly craft-challenged set, simple prints are the way to go.

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Parabo Press is a good site for beginner photo printers as it’s super easy-to-use — though it’s actually the sister site to both of those not-as-easy DIY tutorials. They have simple and affordable printing options and some more unique styles like black and white engineer prints or velvety matte glass ones. For your first order, you can actually get a set of 25 square-shaped prints for free, just paying for shipping.

There’s also a world of options dotting the middle of the creative enthusiasm spectrum, and you’ll find my favorites below. (P.S. a lot of them make great gift ideas for jetsetting friends and family.)

The Perfume 12 Brides Wore to Their Weddings

From sweet to sultry, we polled women across the country to find out what scents they wore to tie the knot.

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The Most Fairy Tale-Worthy Wedding Dresses at Bridal Fashion Week

Dear brides-to-be, if you are planning to get hitched Cinderella-style then you’ll surely need a dress to match that vision. Lucky for you, grand, showstopping ball-gown style dresses are not hard to find, and for proof look no further than the runways and showrooms at Bridal Fashion Week in New York City.

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Designers are showing gorgeous numbers that would make any woman feel like a modern-day princess. From the classic strapless sweetheart-neck silhouettes in tulle and satin, to richly embroidered and opulent designs fit for a royal, dreamy wedding dresses are definitely having a moment.

Keep scrolling to see the most stunning fairy tale-worthy gowns straight from the runways in N.Y.C. and keep checking daily for updates.

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Denim Décor for Your Home That’s Anything But Tacky

When it comes to all-American fashion, there’s nothing more iconic than denim. It’s the centerpiece of so many memorable outfits, from James Dean’s classic jacket to Britney and Justin’s legendary matching ensembles. And somehow, decade after decade, it’s always on-trend. This month, we’re talking all things denim, and while that means tons of awesome clothing, we’d hate to ignore the amazing ways designers and brands are taking denim into the home space.

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Because denim is made of ultra-wearable cotton, it’s basically the perfect upholstery fabric. Plus, the cool-girl vibe that comes with anything chambray, dark-wash, or faded makes it just right for room accessories and accent pieces. Here, nine ways to work denim into every room in your home, even the bathroom.

See the Spectacular Looks and Jewels from Tiffany & Co.’s Blue Book Collection Gala

Has anyone truly ever looked like a million bucks?

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Ask Ruth Negga, who hit the gray carpet in a fantastically ornate leopard-print Gucci dress that she paired with—get this—$2.2 million-worth of Tiffany & Co. diamonds. The occasion? The 2017 unveiling of the brand’s Blue Book Collection, hosted by Chairman Michael Kowalski inside St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn.

Negga’s Gucci number reminded us of her fearlessness when it comes to fashion, but those jewels though! The diamond rings were indeed gorgeous, however, you have to take a closer look at the $1.1 million choker she wore. It was the perfect cherry on top of her Best Dressed-worthy outfit. Citing stylist Karla Welch as her secret weapon, Negga told us all about her love for experimenting with clothing.

“If people don’t like it, well, that’s their problem. I don’t wear clothes because I want to piss someone off or anything, I wear it because I think it’s beautiful,” she told InStyle. “Everyone has the right to look beautiful, whatever body shape or however you look. It’s very important that we’re all involved, because it is an art form. I firmly believe that.”

We also spotted the artful jewels on Haley Bennett, who paired her Cinderella-like J. Mendel gown with $700,000 in Tiffany diamonds. Don’t think she’s used to it, though. “I’ve never opened my own Tiffany Blue box. My mother had a few pieces and I always looked up to her. When she was wearing them, I observed that she was more confident,” she told us. “Hopefully she’ll pass those pieces down to me. That would be special.”

For Reese Witherspoon, the evening conjured memories of that final Big Little Lies episode in which her character, Madeline, dresses up as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s for a party. “I think it’s extraordinarily chic and I love that she has on big eyelashes at 6 a.m., a full face of makeup at 6 o’clock in the morning,” she told us, explaining how much she loves that iconic sleep mask with the white shirtdress.

Jennifer Hudson‘s sexy and yellow ruffled DSquared2 piece caused a commotion on the carpet (“Yes Jennifer! More Jennifer! This way Jennifer!” photographers screamed), while Claire Danes kept it classic in black velvet Monse, which, naturally, required a $525,000 Tiffany necklace. Danes later told us all about the jewel that’s near and dear to her heart. “My husband gave me a watch that’s kind of chunky,” she told us. “I lost it for a while and it reappeared. Jewelry does that. It goes away and then it comes back. It has its own power and I’ve been enjoying its reemergence.”

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Let’s just hope Negga didn’t let go of that $1.1 million stunner.

Scroll down to see the best looks of the night.

Facial Sunscreens Dermatologists Swear By

You’ve probably been told that wearing SPF is a non-negotiable beauty rule, but that doesn’t help you find the right product to put on your face. It’s first (and most important) line of business is protecting your skin from cancer-causing UV rays, but it’s also vital for combatting signs of premature aging. Two biggies, right? To help you find all-star formulas you can count on all year long, we reached out to top dermatologists to find out the facial sunscreens they recommend and swear by. Scroll through for all the shopping details.

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