Shop with me – A Fashion Director’s Weekly Shopping List

This week, with temperatures in New York finally climbing to a comfortable and slightly more Spring like weather I find myself obsessing over florals. Those are the pieces that all of a sudden bring your wardrobe to now and put a smile on your face. Where will you wear it? How? No rules apply. Work, evening, weekend, date or a farmer’s market visit… add florals!

If there is a flower I am loving it. There are too many negative things happening out there, let’s help lifting the spirits a bit. Let it bloom!

10 Mother’s Day Beauty Gifts You Can Get On a Drugstore Run

We’ve all been there: You know Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, but you have minor heart palpitations when mom calls to confirm brunch plans for her big day. You realize you forgot the most important thing other than your presence: a gift.

Whether you’ve been pressed for shopping time, or a chronic procrastinator, you can still find a great gift for mom without having to shop around. The drugstore is a one-stop shop with aisles that are a treasure trove of beauty products and sets you can gift to mom to pamper her. The best part? She’ll never be able to tell that her gift was picked up when you were stocking up on paper towels and dish soap.

Here, we’ve rounded up 10 gift ideas you can pick up for mom on your next drugstore run. (Your secret is safe with us.)

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The Most-Searched Bridal Lip Color on Pinterest Isn’t What You’d Expect

When it comes to the typical wedding lipstick options, colors usually range between pink and nude, with the occasional bold red for good measure. This year, however, brides-to-be have been following in Marchesa’s lead, avidly searching for a bright berry tones to mirror their spring 2017 look at Bridal Fashion Week. According to Pinterest’s recently-released Wedding Report, searches for berry lipstick have gone up by 71%. To help make the planning process a little easier, we compiled a list of the best berry lipsticks at every price point, below.

The Bag the Jessicas Just Can’t Put Down

Elena Ghisellini has long been the secret weapon for designers such as Givenchy; behind their blockbuster handbags and since 2003 she has been creating gorgeous, must shop bags under her own name. Now, some of the most famous Jessicas in Hollywood, namely Alba and Biel, have caught the bug and can’t leave the house without one of her stylish creations. Following is a selection of our favorites available now!

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How to Raise a Feminist: 7 Famous Moms on Modern-Day Parenting

Wherever you fall on the political spectrum, anyone would agree we are living in uncertain times. If you happen to be raising children, navigating the current cultural landscape becomes even trickier. With Mother’s Day around the corner, we connected with seven badass women who seem to have it all figured out—building businesses as well as families—about how they are raising socially conscious, feminist children and how they instill a sense of community awareness.

While each woman had their own parenting style, there was a through line emerged: teaching children empathy, compassion, and supporting each other—regardless of differences. Jessica Alba, founder of the Honest Company, is teaching her girls from a young age that women deserve a seat at the table; Kelly Rowland talked about how unsettling it can be raising an African American son today. Makeup artist, Jeanine Lobell advises her daughters that being silent is guilt by omission, “we are all responsible for pushing back against injustice.”

Here are their inspiring quotes and sound advice on mothering in the modern era.

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10 Cleansing Oils That Remove EVERYTHING

It might seem counteractive to cleanse your face with oil, but despite what popular skincare myths might have told you to believe, oil-based cleansers won’t make your face greasier or cause you to breakout.

In fact, cleansing oils melt off stubborn waterproof makeup, dirt, and other major pore-clogging impurities in a few sweeps followed by a quick rinse. Cut with nourishing and soothing ingredients like olive oil, camellia, and argan oil, these water-soluble formulas will leave your skin clean and smooth without stripping your skin of its essential natural oils.

From Juice Beauty’s green fruit stem cell-infused cleanser to Japanese brand DHC’s cult-favorite bottle, we’ve rounded up our favorite cleansing oils to use to wipe away the day.

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These Are the Best Insta-Famous Products of 2017

Our 2017 Best Beauty Buys list has landed! Among the list of over 150 products is a select handful of items you may recognize from your Instagram feed—just about every beauty influencer has posted about them, and the photos almost garner more likes than a Kim Kardashian selfie. And here we were thinking that Instagram was best used for stalking that girl from your high school math class. Scroll down to shop some of the #trending hair, makeup, and skin products that made our Best Beauty Buys list.

Want to Buy Green Beauty? Here’s What All Those Buzzwords Mean

In recent years, the trend towards green beauty has transitioned from “super crunchy” to “majorly mainstream,” with huge retailers including Target and Nordstrom expanding their natural beauty sections to keep up with demand. But how do you know if that natural beauty product you’ve picked up is really as good for you as the label indicates? Does “organic” automatically mean healthy, and who even ensures that all the claims are accurate? The FDA doesn’t implement much strict regulation about what harmful ingredients can’t be used in cosmetics, so it’s up to consumers to sift through the thousands of products on the market to figure out what’s actually good for us.

“Sadly, we are on our own when it comes to finding beauty products (and food for that matter!) that are truly safe,” RMS beauty founder Rose-Marie Swift told PeopleStyle. From dozens of different marketing terms to ingredients you probably can’t pronounce, it can feel overwhelming to find a product you can feel good about. So to cut through the clutter, we talked to some of the biggest experts in green beauty to break down exactly what all the terms and buzzwords you can’t stop hearing really mean.

What does it mean to be a certified organic beauty product?

Just because a product is labeled “organic” doesn’t necessarily mean it really is. “As part of the National Organic Program, you have to have a minimum content of 70 percent organic ingredients to get a ‘Made With Organic’ claim on the label,” said Tracey Favre, director of Quality Assurance International Inc. To be in the big leagues and earn an official UDSA seal, a product goes under even more scrutiny.

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“For the USDA seal, you have to have 95 percent or greater organic ingredients, and that extra 5 percent can’t be any ingredient that is listed as not allowed under the National Organic Program,” she added. So what about all those other products claiming to be organic? Stay wary – what you see may not be exactly what you think you’re getting. “The USDA doesn’t have jurisdiction over labeling claims on personal care products (they only do on the agricultural ingredients), so you really need to look for those marks to give you confidence of what you’re getting,” Favre said. “That is really key for consumers to understand.”

What about all-natural beauty?

Although there is no official government organization that oversees the natural beauty market or pinpoints a specific definition for it, many brands go through third parties to get certification. “For us, natural means choosing the purest and best forms of the most effective, nature-derived ingredients available,” said Tata Harper, who created her own namesake natural skincare brand.

According to Harper, the term “natural” in beauty means the complete formula is 100 percent synthetic free. “I thought consumer products were all tested and strictly regulated, and it was really shocking to learn that wasn’t the case,” she told us.

Since there isn’t a specific regulating body for natural products, Harper turns to Ecocert, an organization that works to specifically certify ingredients as natural. “Getting certified is optional, but it’s what we do to give our customers more clarity,” she said. Read a product’s website and label closely to see how natural the product you’re using actually is.

I’ve also been hearing about this thing called clean beauty. What’s that?

Like natural beauty products, for “clean” products, there is no official body by the government to regulate what’s what. But brands looking to reputably claim a “clean” designation get certified by a third party organization to give consumers confidence in what they’re buying.

“Clean safe, non-toxic and verified by a third party,” C2 California Clean co-founder Christine Falsetti told us. “A lot of things that are clean are also green. When I go in the shower, it all washes off into the ecosystem, so if you think about the larger footprint you have, it’s important.”

So what’s the difference between “clean” and “natural,” then? “I like to think of poison ivy and poison oak–that is something that is naturally occurring and beautiful in nature, but you’re not going to rub that on your body,” Falsetti said. “Or other things, like natural talc, can still cause allergic reactions in a lot of people, so that isn’t considered ‘clean.'”

What ingredients should I be wary of if I see them on an ingredient deck?

First and foremost, if anything on an ingredient list includes the words sulfates and parabens (which are used as artificial preservatives in cosmetics), it’s not green. “They have possible links to cancer and reproductive issues, and even though the link isn’t fully proven, there is enough doubt that we aren’t comfortable using it,” said Lanolips founder Kirsen Carriol.

Another big one to look out for: fragrance. “A lot of people use the word fragrance to mask bad ingredients in the product,” said Vert Beauty owner and makeup artist Amanda Hume. “Fragrance is a big red flag because you can hide a lot of things in it,” Farelli added. “Companies are allowed to use this term to hide the combination of other chemicals used in the ‘fragrance.'”

Mineral oil feels moisturizing on the skin, but in reality, speeds up aging. “It doesn’t penetrate the skin so it seals it and creates a barrier,” Hume said. “This doesn’t allow the skin to breathe (which is an important function of that organ) so it slows down the process of normal cell development which results in premature aging.”

What’s a good place to get started if I want to go green?

Don’t feel pressure to throw out all the beauty products you own and go all in right off the bat. “I think the best place to start is with products you use daily – whichever they are,” Harper said. “Say you use moisturizer daily but you don’t wash your hair daily. Start with moisturizer. Make a personal commitment and take your time finding the best things for you.”

Victoria Beckham’s Favorite Kids’ Shops in London

Victoria Beckham is unquestionably one of the most fashionable people in the world. She’s a constant source of airplane outfit inspiration, and looks pulled together at all times. And now, the fashion designer, who has an eponymous clothing line, is working with Target on a new collection for adults and children. The collaboration goes on sale April 9 and includes bright prints, easy shift dresses, and great day-to-night outfits (bonus: it’s all available in sizes up to 24). And the children’s options are adorable without being too matchy, which is ideal for mother-and-daughter dressing. To celebrate the occasion, Beckham spoke to us about her favorite places to shop for her kids in her hometown of London.

Daunt Books is the most wonderful bookshop. There’s one at the end of my road, and I often walk down there with the kids and we each browse our own section.”

Credit: Courtesy of Caramel

Harrods is such a great store for the children, particularly at Christmastime. And I like the mix of clothes and shoes at Caramel. Their housewares and toys are always tastefully chosen.”

VIDEO: Watch Little Kids Interview Victoria Beckham

“For my daughter, Harper, I especially like the collared Clever Bunny dresses in the new Target line. The silhouette is so signature to my VVB collection, and it’s fun to see it reinvented.”

“I have always loved Bonpoint, because it’s so quintessentially French. They make chic clothes that aren’t overly fussy for kids. And the detail is really beautiful.”