Jennifer Aniston’s Latest Smartwater Campaign Gives a Glimpse of Her Glamorous Life

Looking for a Hollywood role model? We’ll save you the search—Jennifer Aniston’s your girl.

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In addition to being a household name and icon for more than 20 years, Aniston’s proven throughout her decades in the spotlight that the fame hasn’t gone to her head.

VIDEO: Jennifer Aniston’s Latest Smartwater Campaign Gives a Glimpse of Her Glamorous Life

The beloved actress and longtime Smartwater spokeswoman (she earned her post in 2007), gives fans a look at her glamorous life in her latest ad campaign for the brand. Despite the wealth of her circumstances, Aniston’s just a regular gal (who really loves Smartwater).

Smartwater’s signature black-and-white photos show the Friends alum heading out on an L.A. hike, hosting a casual dinner party, walking the red carpet, and preparing for a talk show appearance, all made possible—or at least well-hydrated—by her trusty bottle of Smartwater.

Scroll down below to see the gorgeous campaign images.

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P.S.: That black-and-white pup is Aniston and Justin Theroux‘s pitbull mix, Sophie!

13 of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.’s Adorable Couple Moments

Happy birthday to Sarah Michelle Gellar. The actress, who’s perhaps best known for playing Buffy Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, turns 40 today. Although she was already in her early 20s by the time that role made her a household name, Gellar’s acting career actually started much earlier, when at age 4 she was spotted by an agent in N.Y.C. Her career continued to build momentum post-Buffy, and she landed parts in major motion pictures, such as The Grudge and the Scooby-Doo movie franchise.

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Perhaps what we envy most about Gellar is her long-time marriage to husband and fellow actor Freddie Prinze Jr. The pair met while filming the 1997 teen horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer, but didn’t begin dating until 2000. After getting engaged in 2001, the duo married the following year. Together, Gellar and Prinze have two children and remain as in love as ever.

VIDEO: Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks to InStyle

See their cutest couple moments in photos below.

If You Have $40, You Can Get Gabrielle Union’s Exact Red Carpet Look

Thank you, Gabrielle Union for showing us how to shut down the red carpet without spending thousands of dollars. During a screening of The Fate of the Furious, the 44-year-old actress stepped out in a jumpsuit from New York & Company’s 7th Avenue Design Studio. It’s a classic look that includes a one-sleeve silhouette, belted waist, and wide-leg trousers. The best part: It only costs $80.

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And just when we thought the news couldn’t get any better, we discovered that Union’s favorite items on the brand’s website are currently 50 percent off, including this stunner. So you can easily channel the star’s elegant look for only 40 bucks. You might as well grab a couple more of the affordable designs while they’re still on sale. Check out our favorite options below.

VIDEO: Get Gabrielle Union’s Glossy Red Lips

The Best Swimsuits to Create a Larger Bust

If you have a small bust (it’s ok–not all of us were genetically blessed in that area), a sure-fire way to fake the illusion of a larger cup size is with some good old-fashioned padding, though maybe not excessively so. Reach for bikini tops and one-pieces that come equipped with underwire to enhance small breasts. Not really into that? Patterned and embellished tops also do the job of adding more up there. From playful push-up one-pieces to floral-printed underwire bikinis, shop the six chicest swimsuits around that are best at creating boobs.

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See Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis's Cutest Couple Photos

Happy birthday, Jason Sudeikis! The funny man, who is married to the ever-lovely and just-as-awesome Olivia Wilde, turns 39 today. Best known for his decade-long stint on Saturday Night Live, the new dad boasts a successful career that has transitioned from TV to the big screen with his starring roles in Horrible Bosses and We’re the Millers, among others. Acting aside, we can’t help but love the star, who shares an enviably adorable relationship with fiancee Wilde. Sudeikis gushed to us about the brunet beauty last year, saying, “She is a combination of everything that I love about women–she’s smart, strong, caring, beautiful, and as funny as anybody I’ve ever known. She just has it all.”

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Click here to see Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde’s cutest couple photos.

Beyoncé’s Stylist Marni Senofonte Collabs With Barbie to Create Stunning Looks

Ask Marni Senofonte, the Picasso behind Beyonce‘s iconic Lemonade and Formation World Tour looks, about her earliest memories of Barbie and she’ll say, “I remember cutting her hair.” She’ll also say, “I don’t remember how old I was. My parents were teenagers, and they had like no money. I just remember waking up on Christmas morning and seeing a stack of individually wrapped–maybe like 15–packages. My sister and I were so excited because my parents got us a whole bunch of Barbie clothes for us.” For the stylist and many other fashion creatives alike, Barbie is synonymous with the beginning of an unwavering love of fashion.

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VIDEO: Gigi Hadid’s New Barbie Doll Has Us Doing Double Takes

“I think it was because I was able to express and kind of put Barbie into anything. Any kind of ribbon that I had, or whatnot, I would play around with and make her shoes strap all the way up to her thighs… was like the first kind of object that I was able to express through clothing.” After a beat, Senofonte adds, “And I went to Catholic school. I had to wear a uniform my whole life, which was a nightmare for somebody like me. was a relief, it was therapy.”

Jump forward some years and you’ll find Senofonte creating looks for a myriad of frequently Best Dressed women. The newest name to her roster? It’s none other than the iconic Barbie, of course. Today, the highly-followed (we’re talking 1.7 million followers and counting) Instagram channel @BarbieStyle unveils the collaboration with Senofonte: a range of one-of-kind looks for a league of body, hair, and skin diverse fashion dolls.

Credit: Courtesy of Mattel

When asked about her inspiration for the designs, Senofonte references the Barbie Fashionistas line, a range of dolls offered in four varying body types (original, curvy, tall, and petite) and a multitude of skin tones and hairstyles, “When I saw all of these shapes and sizes–that alone was the inspiration. We have so many different sized women, and it’s like–especially the bigger women, they always feel like there’s nothing that fits them or makes them look cute. It was just so important to me with the Barbie collection to show a curvy woman or a shorter woman that it’s all possible.” And by it, she means making confident fashion choices. “I want a girl who is not necessarily small to say, ‘Okay, I could wear a crop top and I could wear jeans with big holes in it and fishnets underneath it and I am cute… everyone can have this. Everyone can do it. And everyone in every size–we can all be cute. It’s not just for a certain size or a certain color.”

Credit: Courtesy of Mattel

One look at the @BarbieStyle Instagram channel, and it’s likely you’ll find an endless wealth of lifestyle and fashion inspiration. From #ootd flat-lays to selfies featuring Gigi Hadid in doll form, Barbie shows us an aesthetically rich life. Senofonte hypothesizes why the channel is so engaging, “It’s entertainment.” She shares with InStyle, “It’s living vicariously through someone. Seeing visual inspiration is so important.” So in addition to doctor, dancer, and president, you can add social influencer to Barbie’s resume.

Oh, and thanks to the Barbie Fashionistas line and now the Marni Senofonte x Barbie collaboration, you can also add Advocate for Racial Diversity and Size Inclusivity to the list. Senofonte said it best, “We haven’t even scratched the surface yet as to what it really should be, but the fact that Barbie is making it the norm is the first step. She’s kind of always spearheaded the new norm.”

Though the dolls are not available for purchase at the moment, images of the full collection can be seen below or on the @BarbieStyle channel. From remixed denim silhouettes to ‘Victorian Punk’ looks reminiscent of Beyonce’s Lemonade costumes, scroll through to see every single look and exclusive design sketches from the Marni Senofonte x Barbie range.

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