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Chris Evans Told His Mom When He Lost His Virginity

Just in case you didn’t already rank Chris Evans amongst the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, we have news for you: he really, really loves his mom.

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On Late Night with Seth Meyers Thursday, the Captain America star admitted that he was a bit of a crybaby in his youth. “I cried a lot, I really did. I cried first day of school; I cried first day of camp.” (And it was day camp!)

Spending time away from the fam was difficult for lil’ Chris, who has always felt a strong bond with his parents.

“My whole family, we’re very open about a lot of things,” Evans told the Late Night host. “They felt like friends,” he said of his mom and dad.

Like a true friend, Evans told his mom (whom he calls “a really cool woman”) when he lost his virginity. “I raced home and I said, ‘I did it! I don’t know what I was doing, but I think I did it!’” he shared.

“‘And I didn’t cry!'” Meyers added in jest.

“Oh, no. I cried. I didn’t say that,” Evans clarified.

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We’re not sure whether he’s joking, but here’s one thing we can say with certainty: This mama’s boy has stolen our hearts.

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