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Celine Dion Proposes Duet with Adele By Singing Her Own Version of “Hello”

Celine Dion really, really wants to duet with Adele.

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Need proof? Look no further than her interview on ITV’s show Lorraine today, where she sang a message to the “Hello” singer requesting a collaboration by transforming the words of the British star’s own lyrics into an invitation. “Adele, hello, it’s me… I was wondering if you can sing a song with me. Anywhere, anytime,” she crooned before adding that she is a huge fan.

But that’s not all. Dion also revealed that she’s already working one new music with another major singer-songwriter, the one and only Sia. “I’m working with new collaboration and what I’m trying to achieve right now—and that’s why it’s taking a little bit of time. Okay, I’m going to tell you one thing—Sia wrote me three songs,” she shared, much to our extreme delight. “What a writer, what a vocalist, and her creativity is freaking me out.”

VIDEO: Celine Dion’s New Song from Beauty and the Beast Will Enchant You

Adele and Celine together on one track? Now that would be an epic power ballad.

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Watch the full interview by clicking on the video at the top.

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