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This Is What Happened When the Chainsmokers Crashed a Prom

The Chainsmokers just made prom night even more memorable for teens at a suburban Chicago high school this weekend. The DJs were gearing up to play a show at All State Arena in Rosemont when they heard that Huntley High School was having their prom celebration at a nearby hotel. Crazily enough, the duo decided to crash the prom and give the students of Huntley High School the best night of their lives.

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From their official Twitter account, The Chainsmokers tweeted, “Just crashed Huntley High schools prom! That was awesome! Have a good rest of prom.” They quickly posted a photo after of the festivities with a caption that answered the question so many people seemed to be asking. Why show up at a high school prom? “Crashed this prom just now,” read the caption. “It was across the street from our arena show, so why not :)”

We can’t think of a better reason. It clearly made the students happy as the photo showed hundreds of teens with ecstatic smiles on their faces and their hands in the air.

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The Chainsmokers are currently making headlines with their recently released album, Memories Do Not Open. It features several collaborations with popular artists like Coldplay and Florida Georgia Line.

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