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Solange Is Legit Crying After Seeing This Hilarious Interpretation of Her Song

This interpretation of Solange Knowles’s “Cranes in the Sky” is so funny, even Solange herself had to respond to it. Twitter user @jiljilec created a photo series of Kermit the Frog living out scenes from Solange’s hit single off of her 2016 album, A Seat at the Table, which won a Grammy for Best R&B Performance, and the images will have you in stitches.

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In the series of tweets, Kermit tries to “drink it away,” “change it with [his] hair,” and “keep [himself] busy,” but it’s useless. Nothing is working for poor Kermit.

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When Solange caught wind of the viral thread, she had two words: “Legit crying.” The Internet, of course, went crazy, as the original post has more than 15,000 shares and counting. “I am no longer alive from small fuzzy Kermit x Solange,” one Twitter user wrote.

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Watch Solange’s music video above and decide who wore it better.

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