Sophie Turner Just Debuted Some Very Sexy Joe Jonas Ink on Her Hand

Looks like these two are plenty satisfied with each other.

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were spotted strolling through New York City once again today wearing coordinating ensembles, but this time the actress added a special—and somewhat NSFW—message to her look by way of a phrase written in black pen on her hand.

The too cool couple both donned white graphic tees and black skinny jeans for the happy outing. Turner accessorized her look with embellished sunnies, a gold necklace, and edgy leather boots, while Jonas added a white baseball hat, black sunglasses, and light blue Converse sneakers. And as for the very clear message inked on her skin and in plain view? “Joe gives me da good good.”

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas


We’ll leave the interpretation up to you.

VIDEO: 6 Times Celebrity Couples Went All Matchy-Matchy

Now, if only those were Game of Thrones spoliers scrawled on her hand…

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See more of the duo’s cutest couple moments in our gallery.

Ryan Reynolds Isn’t the Best Instagram Husband Takes Blurry Photo Shoot of Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds is good at a lot of things—acting, Tweeting, looking hot in a suit—but apparently photographing wife Blake Lively isn’t one of them. The actor is on vacation with his gorgeous wife, and served as her Instagram husband while Lively posed in a summery look. The only problem is, he couldn’t seem to take a clear photograph.

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The mom-of-two took to Instagram to post the gallery of photos, which show a blurry Lively laughing in a white Victoria’s Secret crop top, Stella McCartney Kids blue bomber jacket ($198;, Spell high-slit skirt, and purple lei of flowers.

Reynolds did manage to get one clear shot of his wife—er, her chest. The struggling photographer got a close-up shot of her jewels, including Jacquie Aiche hoop earrings, a delicate Jen Meyer choker necklace, and long Ofira necklace.

Maybe one day Reynolds will get on Jay Z’s Instagram husband level. Until then, we’ll be obsessing over these carefree shots of Lively on vacay.

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At least these blurry photos serve as proof that Reynolds is, in fact, human.

These Photos of “Egg Sheeran” Will Delight You Ahead of Easter

We love a good pun around here, and when it involves the intersection of celebrity and food, we’re all over it. The latest one comes right on time for Easter: meet “Egg Sheeran.”

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The “Shape of You” singer gets reimagined in several new shapes by kids tackling school Easter projects. From hard-boiled eggs getting made over with a shock of red hair, to eggs rocking out on their guitars to their egg groupies in full dioramas, Ed Sheeran‘s likeness is unmistakable.

All of these Egg Sheerans will make you smile and deserve a big round of applause. If you’re only doing one DIY egg project this weekend, make sure it’s one worthy of the crooner’s eggs-cellence.

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See more heartwarming renditions over on Twitter at #EggSheeran.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Celebrate Luna’s 1st Birthday with the Sweetest Photo Shoot

Somehow, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s adorable baby girl Luna is already a year old. The tot has been growing up in front of our eyes, as we’ve seen her eat her first bite of savory food, try on not one but eight Halloween costumes, and utter her first words, and now the couple has shown us a look at Luna’s first birthday celebration.

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Teigen shared a gallery of photos to Instagram on Friday, and this family of three has never looked happier. In the black-and-white shoot, Teigen and Legend laugh, smile, and clap along with their little girl, who looks cute as ever in a white dress and little bow in her hair. She even celebrated with a big “1” balloon, as all the cool kids do nowadays.



“Happy first birthday Lu!!!! My lovebug. You are all the best parts of the both of us and I cannot believe how much has happened in you [sic] first 12 months of life. We love you to the luna and back,” Teigen wrote. “Thank you @Yopeteryang for taking these awesome photos and the lip sync battle team for such a nice surprise!!!”



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Click through to our gallery to see more adorable photos from Luna’s first year of life.

After 27 Years This Female Virginia State Senate Clerk Is Finally Making the Same as a Less Experienced Male Colleague

Today in frustrating (but ultimately hopeful) wage inequality news:

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After serving as a clerk for the Virginia State Senate for 27 years, Susan Clarke Schaar is finally making the same amount of money as G. Paul Nardo, a clerk who’s served the Virginia state House for less than six years. Seriously.

AP (2)

And don’t be fooled, this wasn’t a matter of a few dollars and cents, Nardo was making an annual salary of $194,341, while Schaar took home $175,392—a near $20,000 deficit!

Even more frustrating, the disparate wages have been on both the Senate and House’s radar for some time. Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment, Jr. (R), filed a budget amendment in January to increase Schaar’s salary, but received pushback from House Republicans.

After a long, hard-fought battle (she’s been working for the state Senate for 43 YEARS), Schaar is finally making a fair salary of $195,500.

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At last, justice has been served.

Ready to Strike It Rich These 25 Companies Pay the Highest Salaries in America

Looking to make bank? Who isn’t, right? While it would be nice to win the lottery or stumble upon a valuable tea set in your parents’ basement, the odds of either of those happening are pretty slim. Your best bet: Landing a job with one of these companies. According to Glassdoor, the companies listed below are the highest paying employers of 2017. It might be time for a change …

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1. A.T. Kearney
Median Total Compensation: $175,000
Industry: Consulting

2. Strategy&
Median Total Compensation: $172,000
Industry: Consulting

3. VMware
Median Total Compensation: $167,050
Industry: Tech

4. Splunk
Median Total Compensation: $161,010
Industry: Tech

5. Cadence Design Systems
Median Total Compensation: $156,702
Industry: Tech

6. Google
Median Total Compensation: $155,250
Industry: Tech

7. Facebook
Median Total Compensation: $155,000
Median Base Compensation: $130,000
Industry: Tech

Median Total Compensation: $154,000
Industry: Tech

9. McKinsey & Company
Median Total Compensation: $153,000
Industry: Consulting

10. Amazon Lab126
Median Total Compensation: $152,800
Industry: Tech

11. Juniper Networks
Median Total Compensation: $150,000
Industry: Tech

12. LinkedIn
Median Total Compensation: $150,000
Industry: Tech

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13. Salesforce
Median Total Compensation: $150,000
Industry: Tech

14. Dimension Data
Median Total Compensation: $150,000
Industry: Tech

15. Synopsys
Median Total Compensation: $148,000
Median Base Compensation: $130,000
Industry: Tech

Head to to view the full list of companies, which includes LinkedIn and Microsoft.

Female Surgeons Are Recreating This Magazine Cover for the Best Reason

April 3’s New Yorker cover featured a powerful image: Four masked female surgeons, winged eyeliner on point, looking down on an operating table. The illustration by artist Malike Favre has since gone viral on social media, with women surgeons around the world sharing what their female-filled operating rooms look like in real life.

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Dr. Susan Pitt was the first to replicate the image, tweeting out a photo side-by-side with the cover and writing #ILookLikeASurgeon, challenging female doctors around the world to post their own.

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And they did in groves, proving that surgery isn’t a “man’s profession” with powerful images of these badass doctors saving lives in the E.R. and beyond. “I hope to open people’s eyes and minds that women can be surgeons and anything else they want to be. That there is no such thing as ‘a man’s world,’” Pitt told BuzzFeed.

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Dr. Meredith Grey would be proud.

7 Things You Didnt Know About the Royal Familys Eating Habits

We’ve recently learned some interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II’s eating habits (She drinks Champagne every day! She always travels with cake!), and the monarch’s former chef is spilling even more dish about the royal family’s diets.

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Darren McGrady, who served the Queen for 11 years and then cooked for Princess Diana until her death, opened up to WWD about the differing ways members of the royal family would eat. “She’s very disciplined,” he said about QEII’s meals. “For lunch, it would probably be something like grilled fish with some salad. She wouldn’t have potatoes. Or when she’s on her own for lunch, she doesn’t have the starch. She just does the protein and the salad.”

The Queen also doesn’t like wasting food, according to McGrady, who recalled a time that she preferred not to garnish her dish with a lemon so that the whole fruit wouldn’t be wasted. And just like us, she’s a total chocolate lover. “She loved chocolate so much, she’d give it up for Lent,” he said.

VIDEO: Princes William and Harry Honor Fallen Soldiers with Justin Trudeau

As for the rest of the royal family, Prince Philip is the “foodie” of the bunch. The Duke of Edinburgh reportedly loves to cook, while Prince Charles is partial to organic produce, which he grows in his gardens.

Princess Diana was deemed the healthiest of the royals, avoiding red meats and requesting chicken, fish, and vegetarian dishes from her chef. And while Prince William and Harry’s nannies tried to get them to eat healthy, Diana had McGrady slipping them “unhealthy food” on the side.

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“The Princess just wanted them to be boys.”

This Couple Met on Twitter and Eventually Got Married IRL

Don’t believe in love? Think You’ve Got Mail is unrealistic? Well, this Atlanta-based couple is about to prove you wrong.

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Events By SPL

In September 2013, Anuj Patel and Sumita Dalmia bonded on Twitter over their shared interest in attending Jazzoo—a swanky musical benefit at the Atlanta Zoo.

That fateful September day, Anuj told his followers he had an extra ticket to the event, and asked if anyone wanted to join. Sumita tweeted her interest, but Anuj had already relinquished the ticket.

Don’t worry, that’s not where the conversation ended…

Three and-a-half years later, the star-crossed social media lovers are married! And, naturally, their wedding paid homage to the platform that brought them together, the one and only Twitter.

Events By SPL

Anuj, a real-life prince, proposed to Sumita with an elaborate Twitter scavenger hunt (watch below).

Events By SPL

On the big day, the “Tweet-hearts” celebrated with Twitter-themed food, drink, decorations, welcome cards, and even seating arrangements.

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Events By SPL

This is truly a love story for the modern age.

This Pasta Dress Is Becoming a Celebrity Fave

Dolce & Gabbana’s designs have always started trends, but we never could have seen this one coming. One of the pasta dresses from the summer 2017 collection has finally made its red carpet debut. That’s right. There’s an entire dress decked out with one of the most delicious carbs on the planet. Actually, Dolce & Gabbana created a couple of designs that pay homage to yummy Italian foods, including gelato. But the pasta creations might turn out to be the next big thing.

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Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Television producer Shonda Rhimes is a fan. She wore a long-sleeve version of the pasta-print dress to a celebration for the 100th episode of her hit show, Scandal. And she let the calf-length number take center stage by wearing minimal jewelry and classic black pumps.

Jacopo Raule/GC Images

Even Zendaya has rocked the pasta design in ad campaigns for the brand. And she went all out with the matching headpiece.

VIDEO: Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue Fragrance

Diana Garbacauskiene/Getty

During a Dolce & Gabbana party, Spanish actress Rossy de Palma gave the popular dress a go, too. And we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of the pasta-print dress because it’s nearly sold out. If you want to get the look, it’s going to cost you $2,995. But hey, at least you can enjoy the pasta without the calories.