7 Cute Luggage Pieces to Travel with

Traveling in style isn’t only about finding the right outfit or the perfect pair of shoes. Your luggage can also make or break your look. Imagine walking through an airport’s terminals while pulling a rose gold suitcase behind you or carrying a floral-print weekender during a quick getaway. Traveling with cute luggage is the easiest way to instantly look polished—even if you are rocking your comfortable leggings and sneakers.

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And you don’t have to trade style for performance. There are several fashionable options that are also extremely functional with lots of compartments for all of your belongings. Below you’ll find seven styles that will get you even more excited about traveling.

7 Celebrity Nude Eyeshadow Looks to Try ASAP

Nude eyeshadow is the makeup equivalent of a great pair of jeans: It’s a makeup bag essential. That being said, just like wardrobe staples, sticking with the exact same makeup routine can also get stale.

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Whether you have a fear of technicolor shadows or are looking for a new way to show off your collection of nudes, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite neutral eyeshadow looks celebrities have recently worn on the red carpet–and that we can’t stop thinking about.

Keep scrolling for seven celebrity-approved ways to wear nude eyeshadow.

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Mean Girls Quotes as Inspirational Posters

Whether you consider yourself a Plastic, a Burnout, or a Cool Mom, Mean Girls assuredly touched you in some personal way. Even over a decade after its debut, the brilliant movie about North Shore High and its many cliques remains a masterwork that holds up to the test of time–and teen scrutiny. Its quotes? Equally enduring.

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Indeed, it’s probably one of the most quotable films in history. Mean Girls gave us such gems as “Is butter a carb?,” “You can’t sit with us,” “I don’t hate you ’cause your fat. You’re fat ’cause I hate you!”, to name just a few. In honor of the film, which celebrates another anniversary on April 30, here are some Mean Girls maxims laid out as inspirational quotes to get you going in the morning.

10 Rose Gold Homeware & Kitchen Gifts for Mother’s Day and Graduation

There’s no question that rose gold–one of the prettiest, trendiest colors that’s everywhere has adorned everything over the past couple of years–is here to stay. Luckily, the pale metallic pink is easy on the eyes–and, when cast on traditionally stark silver and gold flatware and kitchen gear, evokes a sense of warmth and easy chic that’s hard to replicate in cooler metals.

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Just in time for spring gifting season–think: Mother’s Day and graduation–here’s our roundup of some of the sweetest rose gold gifts for the food lover in your life.

The 10 Best European Destinations for Your Money

With the U.S. dollar strong and summer transatlantic airfares at record lows, it’s an excellent time to plan your next European holiday. The continent’s best destinations, ranked below, deliver a rich mix of restaurants and attractions, easy public transit and low crime rates, with relatively modest prices for lodging, food, and airfare from the United States. (For more travel inspiration, check out all 17 of the top destinations named in MONEY’s 2017 Best in Travel.)

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Read on, and pack your walking shoes–you’ll need them to explore these European gems.

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Star-Studded: The Best Parties This Week

Coachella may have put the West Coast in the spotlight last weekend, but this week it was all about New York City.

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On Thursday, designer Ulla Johnson celebrated a major milestone by cutting the ribbon to her first-ever boutique. Naturally, Johnson welcomed fashionable ladies like stylist Kate Young, Michelle Williams, Greta Gerwig, and Sarah Paulson to the Bleeker Street location, where they sipped on rose and did an excellent job of looking chic.

Speaking of effortlessly cool, Demi Lovato and Ashley Graham came together at the TIME 100 gala, where they were also joined by Leslie Jones and a room of A-list influencers. Later in the week, Gwyneth Paltrow looked appropriate for spring in a floral piece (above) she wore to a Goop and Net-a-Porter-hosted brunch. Emma Roberts also took in the spirit of the season in a sheer Coach design she wore to the 2017 American Image Awards. Florals for spring? Love ’em.

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Scroll down for the best parties of the week.

Justin Bieber’s New Justmoji Swag Has Arrived

In case you need one more excuse to load up on Justin Bieber merchandise (it’s fine, you can admit it), here’s one: Justmoji (aka the Bieb’s version of Kim Kardashian West’s 2015 release of the unforgettable butt- and Yeezy-filled Kimoji app) has actual merch. For actual sale. And it’s actually–dare we say–hilariously chic?

VIDEO: Bieber Pulls a Beyonce and Releases Epic

Sure, it’s not more Purpose Tour goodies, but maybe that’s the best part. The saving grace, if you will. After all, this is JUSTMOJI we’re talking about–a digital collection of JB’s selfies in all of its vector-rendered glory. What you’ll find on justmojimerch.com is a parade of T-shirts, tank tops, the beloved long sleeves, hoodies, and, of course, baseball caps–with prices ranging from $25 to $70.

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Hop over to justmojimerch.com or shop our favorite picks, below. (And if you’re wondering: yes, the infamous mirror selfie of the Biebs in boxer briefs is available via T-shirt form.)

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How to Wear Flare Jeans Like a Retro Icon

One classic style, two looks: We’re giving you a quick 101 on how to wear this denim staple, but of course we can’t do it without pulling inspiration from iconic babes Farrah Fawcett and Jane Birkin (that would just be wrong).

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So whether you’re a gym-class hero like Fawcett–sporty girl vibes and all–or a boho fox with that je ne sais quoi ? la Birkin, here’s how to style flare jeans like a true fashion icon.

8 Chic Feminist T-Shirts to Wear Now and Forever

How many shirts in your closet support a good cause? If the answer is none, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. One of our favorite denim brands, Amo, has launched its new “Babes Unite” T-shirt. Not only does it scream girl power but it supports Planned Parenthood with every purchase. Twenty percent of the proceeds from this shirt will be donated to the organization, and as Amo says, “It’s a reminder that we are stronger together!” We definitely agree.

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VIDEO: 9 Male Celebrities Who Are Proud Feminists

Scroll down for a roundup of more feminist T-shirts that we hope will empower and inspire you.

The 9 Best Detanglers for Summer Hair

Unfortunately, the pain that comes with vigorously brushing through a head full of tangles doesn’t end with your childhood years, when you’d burst into tears at mom’s attempts to detangle your locks. Whether you have naturally curly hair or just tangles from a swim in the pool, separating a head full of knots is no easy feat. That’s why below, we’ve gathered some of the best detangling formulas to combat summer hair disasters. Consider them grown-up takes on the products like walmart.com and walgreens.com that you remember so well. Say goodbye to all the frustration and tears, and hello to a smooth, hydrated strands all summer long.

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